RBZ 90 Inline Skate

RBZ 90 Inline Skate DETAILS


QUARTER Reinforced Vectorwear surlyn provides a stiffer outer shell that is fully heat moldable for a custom fit.
CORE Customizable EPP foam core enhances stiffness and strength.
LINER Heavy duty microfiber offers a good balance between fit and long-term comfort.
OUTSOLE Composite exhaust maximizes energy transfer and delivers a reactive feel.
FOOTBED CCM footbed provides additional comfort.
TONGUE 7mm felt and foam tongue adds lace bite protection for comfort and durability.
CHASIS Lightweight, stiff extruded chassis (4x80mm wheel) powered by Labeda designed to put you in the fastest skating position.
BEARINGS Labeda SWISS Lites 608
WHEELS Labeda Dynasty wheels indoor wheels with a urethane flex core and rebound ring to provide unmatched grip, speed and cornering.


SR 4 x 80 mm
JR (2, 3) 4 x 72 mm | (4 - 5.5) 4 x 76 mm


SR 6 - 12 Full / Half / Width (D, E) | 13 Full / Width (E)
JR 2, 3, 4 - 5.5 Full / Half / Width (D, E)


RBZ 90 Inline Skate