Reengineered Power

Reengineered Power


RBZ Speedburner

Speed Pocket

The CCM Speedburner pulls inspiration from TaylorMade's high performance Speed Pocket design. Exclusive to the RBZ stick line, it creates a pocket of power that helps improve the C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution) technology, better known as the trampoline-effect, for powerful shots and a unique feel.

PowerHosel Technology

In extending the shaft down into the blade, the new PowerHosel technology helps to transfer more energy from your hands through to the puck for more powerful shots. By modifying this construction, the hosel area has been strengthened resulting in improved durability.

Custom Kick Point

This unique kick point is great for shooters since the player will be able to load the stick no matter the position of the bottom hand, helping shooters whose hands may not be in the perfect position to still get shots off with power behind them.


RBZ Speedburner Stick LE

RBZ Speedburner Stick SE

RBZ Speedburner Stick

RBZ Speedburner 280 Stick

RBZ Speedburner 260 Stick

RBZ Speedburner 240 Stick