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Patrice Bergeron #37

Boston Bruins

Science of Impact
After years of scientific research with the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory at the University of Ottawa, CCM introduces the revolutionary Resistance helmet. Watch the videos to learn more.
R.E.D. System / Impact Pod
Using data collected by the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory at the University of Ottawa, the R.E.D. (Rotational Energy Dampening) system and Impact Pods were created to better manage the rotational and linear aspects of hockey hits to the head.
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R.E.D. System + Impact Pods


Developed in conjunction with Neurotrauma Impact Laboratory at the University of Ottawa, the R.E.D. system and Impact pods were created to best manage a variety of impacts. The R.E.D. System is a series of liquid-filled bladders that allow for improved rotational deceleration of the head. Our revolutionary liner construction consists of a network of Impact pods. Their engineered structure, combining EPP and a plastic shock absorber help reduce linear forces caused by hits to the head. Combining the R.E.D. system with impact pods that focus on the linear aspect of impacts, the CCM Resistance helmet has a liner that was truly engineered through cutting-edge science.
Adjustment System
The Resistance helmet features our new one-step adjustment system. Learn more about this feature and the importance of a helmet shell in the video below.
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One Step Adjustment System


A simple tool-free adjustment mechanism at the back of the helmet allows for a quick, customized adjustment for a great fit and high level of comfort. The new shell design not only makes it easier to adjust your helmet but also offers a pro-preferred look with a geometry that helps better manage impacts.
Product Development
Get the inside story on the CCM Resistance helmet from concept to final product. Hear from the designers who created it and the players who rely on it.
Pro Team
The pros trust CCM to protect them so they can focus on playing their best hockey every game. Now it’s your turn.

John Tavares #91

New York Islanders

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