Made of hockey


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We are CCM. We are Made of Hockey.

Hockey is made of many things. It's made of frozen ponds, backyard rinks and community arenas. It's made of the sense of belonging to a team. It’s the rush you feel when the puck drops. It’s paying off all the hours of hard training and early morning practices. It inspires greatness while keeping you honest and humble. Hockey is much more than just a game; it's a way of life. We have always been, and always will be, a part of this game.

We were there
from the start

This game is in our blood. It’s in our every waking moment. For more than a century now, we’ve been bringing innovation to hockey and continually reinventing ourselves to help you reach your goals. We push the limits, so that you have what you need to get a little bit better each and every day. Becoming a legend isn’t only the result of talent, it’s the result of time and determination. You know it. We know it. Because like us, you are made of hockey.

Hockey and
nothing else

On and off the ice, it’s not just a time honored tradition, but an obsession that defines all of us at CCM as a company that is totally dedicated to hockey. The game is etched as deep into our consciousness as it is into the surfaces of hockey rinks around the world. Like you, we live and breathe hockey day in and day out and our commitment is to continue to make this great game of ours even greater.

all out.

all the time.

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