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Still not convinced? They choose the one-piece boot for their game. They think you should too.

Brock Boeser

I love how when I get a new pair they are super comfy and my feet don’t hurt. Also love how light they are.

Mélodie Daoust

I choose the one-piece boot because I feel more connected to the ice and it fits my feet perfectly.

Nazem Kadri

Fitted for my feet, very comfortable to wear and lightweight to help maximize my speed.

Brent Burns

I’ve been using the One-Piece Boot for three seasons now and I’ve enjoyed every stride. The fit, the feel, the power. It’s all awesome.

Sarah Nurse

Speed is a huge part of my game. I use the one-piece boot because it's a really snug fit and lightweight which gives me the edge in any foot race.

Patrice Bergeron

The One-Piece Boot gives the fit and comfort that I need, so all I have to worry about is what’s happening on the ice.

Seth Jones

From the fit, to the comfort, to the explosiveness, I don’t know why I’d use any other type of skate.

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