AXIS A1.5 Goal Pads

Where most pads are an evolution of the previous generation, new axis A1.5 goalie pads are a full-on revolution. Inspired by modern goaltending techniques, the lightweight core construction Has been completely redesigned to deliver the most aggressive rebound yet. This is what lightweight power looks like.


  • Flex Profile
    Pre-curved single inner no break outer. Helps close the butterfly while maintaining coverage.
  • Boot
    90 degree with shallow channel and bungee toe string system. Enhanced range of motion and flexibility for power pushes.
  • Leg channel/strapping
    Shallow loose fit with QMSS. Quick and easy pad rotation for easy butterfly movements.
  • Knee cradle
    Recessed foam with removable knee cradle wrap. Deeper knee cradle helps close the 5-hole.
  • Core construction
    Litecore Technology. Lightweight core built for powerful rebounds.
  • Stabilizer
    Raised flat inside edge design. Seal and stability for easy cross-crease movements.
  • Knee Raiser
    Nylon/PE Foam. Seals pad to the ice.


  • Junior
    26+1, 28+1, 30+1

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