Axis A1.5 Goalie Pant

Take the best and make it better. Built off our best-fitting goal pant, axis has the protection you need while also featuring increased overlap in the thigh and groin - so you are covered during every save sequence.


  • Fit
    Loose fit. Built for coverage while maintaining mobility. Easy to tuck.
  • Waist
    Molded PE foam.
  • Length extension
    Hidden zipper with 1" length extender.
  • Thigh protection
    Molded plastic with PE foam.
  • Hip/groin protection
    Molded plastic with PE foam/segmented foam.
  • Spine
    PE foam.
  • Material
    4000 nylon with stretch zones.
  • Belt
    Inner belt system.


  • Junior
    S, M, L

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