RBZ Elbow Pads

Based on the highly successful CCM Crazy Light protective line, the RBZ line takes performance to a new level. Working with NHL Pro feedback, performance, weight and range of motion were put to the forefront of the design.


  • Construction
    3-Piece design for a full range of motion, complete impact protection.
  • Caps
    Crazy light U Foam (SR only) for a lightweight pro level protection.
  • Elbow Bed
    Floating neoprene with comfort grip provides a landing zone to securely fit to elbows.
  • Forearm
    Lightweight High Density foam protection provides a low-profile pro level protection.
  • Bicep
    Crazy light U Foam for a lightweight pro level protection.
  • Liner
    Water resistant Crazy Light U Foam prevents water absorption keeping pads light all game.
  • Attachment
    Three strap system (neoprene/elastic/lock) for a fully customizable fit.


  • SR
    S, M, L
  • JR
    M, L
  • YT
    M, L