Extreme Flex E3.5 Blocker

Proven performance with every shot turned aside, the new Extreme Flex E3.5 blocker provides another level of protection with D3O Smart Material Technology, as well as a redesigned finger protector.


  • Adjustable Cuff
    Control rebounds with ease and stick handle with finesse thanks to the added mobility of the blocker's adjustable cuff.
  • Front Face
    The bigger, bindingless blocking surface with increased durability.
  • Palm Position
    Center-palm position helps to better balance your natural blocking motions.
  • Palm
    Suregrip provides you with added comfort and excellent grip.
  • Palm Guard
    Added Suregrip reinforces glove durability.
  • Palm Gusset
    Ventilated mesh keeps your hand breathing throughout the game.
  • Lock Thumb Protector
    Molded thumb helps to better protect you from those pesky puck bounces and opponents’ stick blades.
  • Blocking Board
    Heat laminated dual-density foam with PE board to maximize rebound control.


  • Senior
    Regular, Full Right
  • Intermediate
    Regular, Full Right


  • Chicago
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • White