Extreme Flex III Pro Blocker

Proven performance with every shot turned aside, the new Extreme Flex III blocker provides another level of protection with D3O Smart Material Technology, as well as a redesigned finger protector.


  • Shallow Finger Protector
    Allows for greater comfort and protection.
  • D3O Technology
    Keep that index finger safe and secure with the increased protection and shock absorption of D3O Smart Foam.
  • Adjustable Cuff
    Control rebounds with ease and stick handle with finesse thanks to the added mobility of the blocker's adjustable cuff.
  • Front Face
    The bigger, bindingless blocking surface with increased durability.
  • Palm Position
    Center-palm position helps to better balance your natural blocking motions.
  • Palm
    Suregrip provides you with added comfort and excellent grip.
  • Palm Guard
    Added Suregrip reinforces glove durability.
  • Palm Gusset
    Ventilated mesh keeps your hand breathing throughout the game.
  • Lock Thumb Protector
    Molded thumb helps to better protect you from those pesky puck bounces and opponents’ stick blades.
  • Blocking Board
    Heat laminated dual-density foam with PE board to maximize rebound control.


  • Senior
    Regular, Full Right
  • Intermediate
    Regular, Full Right


  • Sr.