Extreme Flex 4 Goal Pads

Building off the iconic Stanley Cup-winning goalie pad, the new Extreme Flex 4 pushes the limits of design while providing the competitive advantage of speed and seal to the ice.


  • Outer Flex
    Single break for maximum flexibility.
  • Inner Flex
    Pre-curved single break core. Closes the 5-hole.
  • Boot Flex
    90 degree with torsional flex. Offers flexibility for power pushes.
  • Boot Channel
    Deep ultra soft. Freedom of movement
  • Leg Channel / Calf Strap Option
    Tight fit, no calf strap. Lightweight set up with QMSS at calf for quick response.
  • Knee Strap System
    No strap = 2" elastic knee. Customized fit.
  • Knee Cradle
    Recessed foam with removable knee cradle wrap. Deeper knee cradle to help close the 5-hole.
  • Core
    DualLiteCore Technology. Lightweight goal pad featuring dual flex profile design for quicker transition into butterfly.
  • Knee Raiser
    3D Grip / Injection Molded EPP Foam


  • Senior
    33 + 1, 34 +1, 34 +2, 35 +2,
  • Intermediate
    Custom only

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