Extreme Flex E3.5 Goal Pads

React quickly with the new Extreme Flex E3.5 goal pads. New Speed Skin Technology helps to provide quick gliding and explosive power pushes for maximum speed in the net.


  • Speed Skin Technology
    Designed and created for quick gliding and explosive cross-crease power pushes.
  • Outer Flex
    The outer flex of the pad is a single break, allowing for maximum flexibility.
  • Inner Flex
    The pad's inner flex is pre-curved with a single-break core. Close that 5-hole with ease!
  • Boot Flex
    The Extreme Flex E3.5 leg pad's boot flex is 90 degrees with torsional flex.
  • Boot Channel
    The deep, ultra soft boot channel allows for more freedom of movement.
  • Leg Channel/Calf Strap Option
    Featuring a tight fit one-calf strap, the Extreme Flex E3.5 leg channel/calf strap option is lightweight with a closer feel to the leg for better control.
  • Knee Strap System
    Customize your fit at or below the knee with a single adjustable knee strap system.
  • Knee Cradle
    Deeper than its predecessor, the removable knee cradle wrap with recessed foam plays a big role in closing your 5-hole. Recessed foam available in senior only. Soft Foam available only in junior and youth sizes.
  • Core
    The new lightweight, thin-molded foam core offers exceptional weight balance for a quicker transition into butterfly.
  • Knee Raiser
    PE foam helps seal the pad to the ice.
  • Thigh Protector
    Keep your thigh and knee safe and comfortable.


  • Senior
    32+1, 33+1, 34+1
  • Junior
    24+1, 26+1, 28+1, 30+1
  • Youth


  • Chicago
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Blanc