Extreme Flex E5.5 Goal Pads

Now designed to give you even greater control, seal and stability, the EFLEX 5.5 takes everything you know and love to the next level.


  • Flex Profile
    Outer Single Break + Pre-Curved Single Break Core. Maximizes flexibility while helping to close the 5-hole.
  • Pad Face
    CONTROL Knee Rolls. Minimized knee rolls provide more predictable rebounds while maintaining flexibility.
  • Core Construction
    DUAL1TECORE Technology + HD Core. Lightweight dual flex profile for quicker transition into butterfly.
  • Boot
    Deep 90-Degree with Torsional Flex and Bungee Toe String System. Enhanced connectivity and flexibility for power pushes.
  • Boot Channel  
    Deep Soft. Added mobility and feel between the skate and pad.
  • Leg Channel/ Strapping
    Deep, Tight Fit with QMSS. Responsive feel for optimal reactivity and connection with the leg.
  • Knee Cradle
    Recessed Foam with Removable Knee Cradle Wrap. (SR/JR only) Soft foam without outer knee wrap. (YT only) Deeper knee cradle helps close the 5-hole.
  • Knee Raiser / Landing Zone
    Nylon/PE Foam with Raised Inner Edge Stabilizer. Seals pad to the ice and provides better balance.
  • Thigh Protector
    Legal Thigh Protector (YT only). Protects top of the knee


  • Senior
    32+1, 33+1, 34+1
  • Junior
    26+1, 28+1, 30+1
  • Youth
    22, 24

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