Premier II Pads

The Premier II goal pad is re-engineered to be 20% lighter and built for performance to dominate the crease. A dual density core eliminates excess weight while providing improved torsional strength to maximize coverage and stability and help the pad seal to the ice. A redesigned leg channel optimizes rotation, increasing butterfly drop velocity and recovery.


  • LiteCore Technology
    20% lighter than Premier 1 with structural integrity to help the pad seal to the ice.
  • Max Rebound Technology
    Directional energy transfer foam offers power rebounds, eliminating the second shot opportunity.
  • Quick Motion Strap System
    Responsive system for faster drop velocity and butterfly recovery.
  • Outer Flex
    Single break for maximum coverage.
  • Inner Flex
    Pre-curved single break core to help reduce 5-hole opportunities.
  • Boot Angle
    60 degree angle to help direct pucks to the corner.
  • Boot Channel
    Shallow and soft for a faster transition into butterfly.
  • Leg Channel/Calf-Strap Option
    Loose fit and no calf strap for a lightweight setup with an optimized QMSS at calf for quicker response.
  • Knee Strap Option
    No strap - 2" elastic knee for a custom fit.
  • Knee Cradle
    Recessed foam with removable knee cradle wrap. Deeper knee cradle for more help closing the 5-hole.


  • Senior
    SR: 33+1, 34+1, 34+2, 35+2, Custom
  • Intermediate

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