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Jetspeed FT2

Discover Jetspeed FT2 Skate[v]

one - piece

One piece boot skate

one-piece boot

The one-piece boot is all about pure performance. What does that mean?

It means that a closer fit gives you a more direct energy transfer that leads to faster feet.

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CCM Total Custom


All the great benefits of the one-piece boot, now available to be customized.

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Jetspeed ft2
There’s only one.

Connor McDavid #97 Edmonton Oilers

With the one-piece boot, like Connor McDavid, who knows how far your hockey career can go?

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tech 001

One‑Piece Boot

More direct energy transfer, plus a closer fit, means faster feet.

tech 002

Metatomic Tongue

A newly designed lightweight, asymmetrical tongue that fully wraps around your foot to take your fit to a new level.

skate image

skate image

tech 003

SpeedBlade XS Holder and SBXS1 Black Blade

New quick-release holder for a fast and effective blade switch. The SB XS1 Black steel is treated with an oxide coating for a longer-lasting edge. It is also 12% higher than standard blades.

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