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We are committed to the game and we welcome those who share our drive to join us in helping hockey players perform

Hockey and passion

With our global headquarters in Montreal, Canada, ­CCM Hockey lies at the center of hockey passion. As the people who drive one of the most recognized global hockey brand, CCM Hockey, we are all about developing the best equipment and apparel in our sport.

Our partnership with the NHL has positioned us at the center of the ice where the passion for hockey is at its peak.

CCM is an equal opportunity employer and we invite women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal people to apply.

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Our Values

CCM Hockey’s mission is to make the best performing hockey equipment in the world so our customers can enjoy the game at their highest level. We always look for creative ways to support our team, to listen to others, and most of all, to encourage our teammates so that we can all be at our best.

What does it mean to work for THE hockey company? It’s about doing your best, trusting your team and achieving more than you ever imagined. We work hard to be the brands sought after by the top professional players in the world, and also by those who are lacing up their skates for the first time.

Job Opportunities

Winning Attitude

Winning Attitude

In everything we do, we focus on setting up our organization to win.

Share your compelling vision of what winning looks like for your area

Celebrate the achievement of milestones and recognize the progress and success people make along the way to the Company’s goals

Eliminate language that supports outdated ideas and old ways of thinking (For example, “good idea, but it will never work”; “we already tried that”; “the customer would never go for that”)

Look for better ways to get the job done and implement new creative ideas

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Support your team, respect others and most of all encourage your teammates.

  • Share ideas with the team and respect their ideas
  • Be confident
  • Listen with an open mind



Passion is at the heart of our Company. Our energy, our attitude and our desire is to do great things... because we love what we do.

  • A positive attitude
  • Perseverence
  • Fully engaged
  • Inspirational



We are honest, open, ethical and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.

  • Speak with frankness
  • Walk the talk
  • Admit ones own mistakes
  • Honest and transparent



We demonstrate our excellence by aligning the organization with ambitious goals.

  • Planning
  • Focus
  • Benchmarking
  • Alignment



Great teams, athletes and individuals stay ahead by constantly seeking out imperfections and innovating. Our determination to create the next revolution will make the real difference. By imagining the future, we will own it.

  • Open to change
  • Listen
  • Deliver real improvement
  • Be proactive