Helmets Helmets

Protect your head in style - it’s a no-brainer

Built for safety,
designed for style

All our buckets are crash-tested by the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory (NISL) to establish the link between helmet performance and head injuries. The result is world-class safety with epic style.

The Super Tacks X Helmet.
Brace yourself
for compliments.

Game-changing R&D. 3D digital manufacturing innovation. Stun your opponents at every face off.

Unmatched safety for up-and-comers

Only the best

CCM helmets endure the toughest R&D so you can focus on cheering them on when they hit the ice.

“The Super Tacks X helmet is definitely the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn."

-Patrice Bergeron

“It’s light, high-tech and looks great."

-Nathan McKinnon