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Protect your head in style - it’s a no-brainer

NEW Tacks 720 Helmet with

Feel cooler.
Play smarter.

Built with CCM’S innovative AER-TEC thermoregulation system, this helmet fosters enhanced air circulation, sweat evaporation and regulation of body heat, which allows the body’s core temperature to cool quicker, helping you make faster, better decisions when it counts.

Built for safety,
designed for style

All our buckets are crash-tested by the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory (NISL) to establish the link between helmet performance and head injuries. The result is world-class safety with epic style.

The Super Tacks X Helmet.
Brace yourself
for compliments.

Game-changing R&D. 3D digital manufacturing innovation. Stun your opponents at every face off.

Unmatched safety for up-and-comers

Only the best

CCM helmets endure the toughest R&D so you can focus on cheering them on when they hit the ice.

“The Super Tacks X helmet is definitely the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn."

-Patrice Bergeron