The future of hockey helmets

The Super Tacks X Total Custom helmet is the first certified fully customized helmet in the game. The fit is incomparable due to its unique 3D printed liner custom made for you. Just like the pros.

Hear what John Tavares has to say about his Super Tacks X Total Custom helmet.

Let's compare your two options

Super Tacks X

Multi-density foam base liner

D30® reinforcement in key areas

NEST Tech throughout

Retail color offering black, navy, white & red

Immediate pick-up & play

Super Tacks X Total Custom helmet

NEST Tech liner, custom printed to your exact head shape for a perfect fit

Max airflow with no other material obstruction

Large color offering

Custom options of front & side logo, ear loops, chin strap colors

Personalized player name & # badge inside helmet and on bag

Unmatched safety for up-and-comers

Only the best

CCM helmets endure the toughest R&D so you can focus on cheering them on when they hit the ice.

“The Super Tacks X helmet is definitely the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn."

-Patrice Bergeron

“It’s light, high-tech and looks great."

-Nathan McKinnon