Jetspeed Skate

Inspired by bio-mechanics research, the CCM JetSpeed skate is our best fitting skate ever. Designed for ultimate speed, the high definition contoured boot shape provides a fit which wraps closely around every segment of your foot. The result is a fit to help generate more efficient power and performance with every stride.


Rocketframe Technology

The contouring shape of the RocketFrame locks in the heel and ankle while wrapping the top of the skate closely and comfortably around the forefoot. This ergonomic skate shape is formed to help maintain contact with the surface of a player’s foot. No wasted space means an efficient transfer of energy, maximizing efforts through each stride.

Energy Transfer System

Get the most out of every stride with CCM’s exclusive high-tech CurrexSole footbed, proven to have a greater area of contact and greater pressure distribution resulting in enhanced overall support and energy distribution from foot to skate. Combined with the lightweight carbon composite outsole, more power is directly transferred with every stride, fueling greater reaction in the foot muscles to help enhance speed on the ice.

Speedblade 4.0 Holder And Hyperglide Blade

The Speedblade 4.0 holder helps to provide a more aggressive angle of attack and a smaller turning radius. How did we do it? We gave the holder an extra 4mm in height allowing you to make tighter turns. Paired with the HyperGlide Blade, its premium polished runner helps to increase glide and to have a lengthened stride.


  • Quarter
    The RocketFrame is fully shaped composite shell provides advanced contoured support including improved heel lock for maximum speed.
  • Core
    Heat moldable Speedcore 2 Plus is optimized for a contour shape with heat moldable technology for customized support.
  • Liner
    Dual zone soft touch SuperDry lightweight liner with Durazone abrasion patch enhances comfort
  • Comfort Pad
    Smooth contour soft pad for superior foot comfort
  • Midsole
    Lightweight composite midsole for increased support and enhanced blade to boot interface
  • Outsole
    Ultralight carbon force with full exhaust for a balance between stiffness and weight with a power channel for superior energy transfer to blade.
  • Footbed
    CCM custom support footbed by CurrexSole provides a customized arch support
  • Tongue
    JetProtect tongue has a multi-layer fabrication for enhanced lace bite protection and comfort
  • Ankle Padding
    Multi-density memory foam with symmetrical foam comfort pads conforming to ankle bones for a customized fit
  • Holder
    SpeedBlade 4.0 increases attack angle providing greater strides and cornering
  • Runner
    SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide for superior speed and glide helps to enhanced performance


  • SR
    6 - 12 | D - EE | Full - Half
  • JR
    1 - 5.5 | D - EE | Full - Half
  • YT
    8 - 9 | D | Full
  • YT
    10 - 13.5 | D | Full - Half